DIY Kitchen Cart

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DIY Kitchen Cart

I looked everywhere for a kitchen cart just the right width and height and depth to fit in the spot between the stove and the fridge, and also around the gas pipe that comes out of the floor towards the back of the space. Finally I had to admit defeat, and psych myself up to design and build the most complicated diy woodworking project I've done to date. With cheap wood (2x3s and other cheap stock boards), because not exactly confident enough to pop for the good stuff only to ruin it with my inexperience.

Designing was fine. I spent a lot of time as a kid making cardboard creations, so figuring out how to put something workable if not elegant together wasn't too tough. But my original plan to assemble the side struts with peg-and-holes ran into all sorts of accuracy problems once I tried getting things to fit together. I would call it a dismal failure. I ended up having to completely take it apart and come up with some new ideas about how to hold everything together. It took me at least a month. Maybe for someone else this might be a weekend project, but not me!

But finally I got it all securely together, complete with strange overhang in the back to accomodate the aforementioned gas pipe. The top only has a hole in it because I ran out of wood, and since I was covering the surface with a large ceramic tile from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, it didn't seem that important to fill it in. I did some research trying to decide how to attach the tile onto the wood, and in the end, decided not to. It's pretty heavy, it's not going anywhere, and I was afraid any sort of bond would be destined for trouble as the two materials expanded and contracted at different rates.

It's hard to tell in the finished picture on the right above, but I painted it the same "wild honey" color that we did the upstairs hall with the previous year. Blends into the existing medium yellow color of the kitchen quite well. The tile is a dark gray color, and is proving to be a very useful surface to have right next to the stove. Much better than an empty gap! Even if it's far from perfect, and took a lot more fiddling than I'd anticipated, I'm still pretty pleased with how it turned out.

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