Quilted Scrappy Duffel

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Quilted Scrappy Duffel

I had a drawer full of random calico scraps and a need for a roomy bag, so I set myself a challenge: make a duffel bag without buying a single thing new. Which did not quite result in my ideal color combination, but I did make a sizeable dent in the pile. The zipper came from an old windbreaker, and as I was out of batting, I substitute some felt-by-the-yard I happened to have, which gave a good amount of structure. I looked up the maximum dimensions of "personal item" that the airline I was flying allowed and based my sizing on that. The whole thing was 100% hand sewn and quilted. There are exterior pockets on all 4 outer sides, and loops for fastening a shoulder strap when needed.

- Victoria, 2017-03-06

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