Small Butterfly Kite

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Small Butterfly Kite

This small kite is perfect for introducing small children to kite flying.

First, download the kite pattern, print it and cut it out.

Next fold it in half (between the wings) and crease to create the spine. Apply some glue.



Fold back the top edge flaps. Insert a drinking straw or BBQ skewer underneath and glue or tape down. Allow to dry thoroughly.

gluing spar

Trim excess straw or skewer and reinforce edges with tape as needed.

Reinforce the tow point (marked with a black dot) with tape and then use a hole punch or needle to make the hole.

tow point

Make two tails around 4 feet long and 1-2 inches in width. Use plastic grocery bags, crepe paper or colored tissue pieced together with tape. Attach the tails to the bottom of the kite, one on each side of the spine. Use tape.


Cut two 8 foot lengths of yarn. Fold each in half. Attach with tape or by looping them through holes made with a hole-punch.

Small Butterfly Kite Flying

Attach commercial kiteline to the tow point, or improvise: Dental floss, fishing line or very light-weight crochet cotton. Firmly tape a length of string to a piece of scrap cardboard around 2"x3". Wind the string around the cardboard and attach the other end to the tow point on the kite. For small children, 10-20 feet is generally enough.

Small Butterfly Kite Flying

Small Butterfly Kite Flying

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