Cozy Little Penguin

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Cozy Little Penguin

Turn a few scraps of fabric into an adorable 3" penguin perfect for holiday and winter decorating.

Download the free pattern.

Cut the body pieces out of black fabric and the beak and feet out of orange felt.

Trace the belly piece onto applique paper, then fuse to a scrap of white fabric and cut it out. Then fuse the white belly piece to one of the black body pieces. If desired, hand sew or machine stitch around the edge.

Sew beads, buttons or sequins to the face for eyes, and attach the beak.

Put the feet in place:

Cozy Little Penguin

Then lay the second body piece on top, and pin around the edges, being sure to catch the feet.

Sew all around, leaving a gap between the feet open.

Turn inside out, stuff, whip stitch closed.

Cut out 2 wings from non-fraying black material using the no-seam allowance wing pattern OR cut out 4 regular wings and sew together/turn inside-out.

Position wings and whipstitch in place.

Cozy Little Penguin

Cap and scarf may be crochet, knit or sewn:

Cozy Little Penguin

For detailed instructions (including cap & scarf details) to go along with the free pattern pieces and information provided above, please visit the Store:
Cozy Little Penguin (full pattern with instructions)

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