Owl Kite

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Owl Kite

Print yourself a paper kite and be out flying in no time. Just print, cut out and add string and tail!

The owl kite comes in two sizes; the small version can be printed on a single piece of paper, and the larger version requires two sheets.

Download Small Owl Kite
Download Large Owl Kite, page 1 & page 2.

Cut out the pieces. For the large kite, glue the two wing pieces onto the main piece and allow to dry.

Owl Kite

Fold each wing inwards along the center one of the three adjacent vertical lines. Spread glue to the left and right of the fold lines and glue shut. When the glue is dry, bend the wing back so that the spars rise in the back. The front of the kite should be flat.

View from back:
Owl Kite

View from front:
Owl Kite

Meanwhile, prepare your kite line. Measure out 12-18 feet of light crochet cotton, dental floss, fishing line, etc. Cut a piece of scrap cardboard into a rectangle and cut a slit into one side. Slip one end of the line through the slit, wrap it around the cardboard and tie it back to itself. Wrap the rest of the line around the cardboard.

When the kite is dry, use a hole punch or needle to make one hole on each wing. Tie a 30" long piece of thread, dental floss, fishing line or light string between the two holes to make a bridle. Tie a loop in the center of the bridle. Tie your main kite line to the loop.

Owl Kite

Make 2 tails of tissue paper, plastic bag strips, yarn, etc and attach them to the bottom of the kite. The tails should be around 3-4 feet long.

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