Pumpkin Playdough Party Favors

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Pumpkin Playdough Party Favors

Looking for a DIY party favor for this Halloween? Home-made playdough presented as a mini pumpkin makes a great treat! Less messy than the store-bought kind, home-made dough whips up quickly on the stove-top. Made of flour, salt, water and vegetable oil, it's not dangerous to eat, but if you're handing them out en masse, you'll probably want to attach a tag explaining that it's not food. A sheet of tags for printing is provided below.

The dough should last a little longer if stored in the fridge, and needs to be protected from exposure to air to avoid drying out prematurely. If well stored when not in use, it can stand up to many weeks of play.

Cost for a set of 16 should be between fifty cents and a dollar, making these very economical hand outs to make.

Making the Playdough

Decide how many portions you want to make. Each portion is about 2 oz and the size of a golf ball.

Flour1/2 cup1 cup2 cups
Salt1/4 cup1/2 cup1 cup
Oil3/4 teaspoon1.5 teaspoons1 tablespoon
Water1/2 cup1 cup2 cups

Combine the flour, salt, oil and water in a pot.

Color your dough naturally with mustard and/or tumeric mixed with paprika (color will intensify after cooking) or with regular food coloring. The examples in the photo were made with prepared yellow mustard, tumeric and paprika.

Cook on medium-high, stirring constantly. When bits start to thicken, stir very vigorously, scraping the sides, until the dough comes together in a solid lump.

Turn the lump out onto a plate or cutting board and as soon as it is cool enough to work with (a minute or two) start kneading it smooth. Divide into portions.


Pumpkin Playdough Party Favors

For each portion, cut a piece of plastic wrap and a piece of green ribbon. Roll the portion into a sphere, and if desired, use the back of a knife handle to make ridges around the ball. Squish the ridged ball a bit to give it a more pumpkin-like shape. Wrap the plastic wrap around the balls and tie tightly with the ribbon. If desired, use a sharpie to draw jack-o-lantern features on the seran wrap. Pumpkin Playdough Party Favors

Download and print the tag sheet. Cut out the tags and attach to each portion.

Rather than giving out the playdough in moldable form, you could also shape the pumpkins yourself (perhaps with a twig on top for the stem), let them air-dry and use them as decoration or gifts.

A 4- or 8-portion batch fits nicely into an emptied/cleaned 16oz nut canister and makes a nice gift any time of the year.

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