making a girl's apron from a dress

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making a girls apron from a dress

Turning an outgrown dress into an apron is a quick and easy project that doesn't require much sewing. It's especially easy if the dress is only slightly outgrown and features waist ties. If it still fits around the arm holes, all you have to do is open the back seam up.

making a girls apron from a dress

Usually I have trouble convincing myself to take apart a beloved dress to make it into something else just because it doesn't fit any more. I'd rather save it intact for some other child than risk mangling it into some lesser version of itself. BUT then someone I know decided to wipe her paint-covered hands all over this dress while doing an art project at an outdoor festival:

making a girls apron from a dress

Tempera paint, carved potatoes, and no cover up. I should have known what was going to happen! I washed and I scrubbed, but it was never going to be the same.

And so, I ripped out the seam in the back, hemmed the raw edges, and now the dress is an apron. Just because you feel silly putting a bib on a 3 year old, doesn't mean it's not still needed at mealtimes! Not to mention project time.

making a girls apron from a dress

This would be a great thing to do with a dress with rips or any other damage that renders it unfit for normal use. If the dress had sleeves, you could remove those if they were too small to fit easily over other clothes. If the arm holes are too small, you can cut them bigger and hem the raw edges, or rip out the shoulder seams and add a little extra fabric there. If there are no ties, you can use an alternate fabric or some ribbon to make them, or cut a strip off the bottom hem and use that.

The nice thing about a recycled apron is that it really doesn't need to look perfect. In fact, the more homely it looks, the easier it will be to retain your composure as all those permanently staining substances make themselves right at home.

- Victoria, 2012-09-07

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