Make Long Sleeves into Short Sleeves

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Make Long Sleeves into Short Sleeves

I found a great shirt while thrifting, oh, about 6 months ago, but it had the most ridiculous gigantic cuffs. Easily dealt with, I think to myself, as I hand over my dollar. And then of course it sat around, right through early spring's few attempts at warmth and into the summer oven, and now, finally with fall on the horizon, I finally got around to the 20 minutes job of fixing it.

Make Long Sleeves into Short Sleeves

All I did was cut the sleeves off, parallel to the seam, then fold over and machine sew a narrow hem. I folded one time more to make the casing, machine stitching close to the edge and then again 3/8" in, stopping just short to leave a gap for the elastic. Narrow elastic on safety-pin, push through, sew closed.

I'm wondering if maybe it would have looked better to do more of a cap, cutting the cloth diagonally rather than perpendicular, but I think it looks okay this way. And who knows, maybe next spring (or summer. or fall.) I'll try cutting these ones a bit shorter and see how that goes. Or maybe even do what I was originally intending — before the reality of my current extreme lack of free time presented itself — with a cute little cuff and button closure.

- Victoria, 2013-09-07

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