diy counter top

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diy counter top

Tearing out a broken range top left us with a topless cabinet. So we shoved it into the middle of the kitchen and topped it off with this inexpensive counter top to use as a temporary island.

This is one of those quick temporary measures that could end up lasting quite some time given the perfectly adequate job its doing and the long list of other more pressing projects. When we moved into our new house, there was a broken range built into a kichen cabinet, and no oven. Being as we are a cook-every-day sort of family, getting that torn out and a new oven/range combo unit installed was top priority. This left us with an empty cabinet:

diy counter top
Torn out cabinet, ready for action

Short on counter space and short on funds, we decided to press it into service as a temporary island.

diy counter top
Upside down so that we could screw the cross-braces on.

First we had a long plank of wood cut into four equal pieces at a home supply store. We also got 2 small pieces to hold them together. We lined up the four pieces and then screwed the other pieces across to hold them together, making sure to position them so that they would fall inside the top of the cabinet and help the top from sliding off.

At first we intended just to paint it with regular latex paint, keeping with the theme of "cheap and temporary," but it very quickly became obvious that even though we were being careful not to let raw food come in contact with the surface, it was very rapidly becoming stained and pitted.

So I ran down to the home depot and got some dollar-each peel-and-stick tiles and problem solved. I had no trouble cutting the vinyl tiles to size with just a utility knife. Eventually I got around to grouting them with some latex caulk I happened to have.

Most days it's so covered up by the fruit bowl, cutting board and assorted other items that you can barely see enough of it to notice that it's not a solid laminate top. The wood was around $15 and tiles came to 12$, so cheaper than a ready-made top would have been, just as easy to clean and we can repurpose the wood once we are done using it this way.

- Victoria, 2015-01-26

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