Drying Herbs

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Drying Herbs

A few weeks ago I balked at buying a tiny $7 jar of dried dill when all I needed was half a teaspoon, and went and got a fresh bunch from the produce section instead. Naturally there was a lot left over, but for a change, rather than wasting the rest by optimistically thinking I would get around to using it before it was too far gone (hint: no, no I won't) it occurred to me that I could just treat it as if I'd harvested it from my own garden and dry it.

So that evening, when I turned the oven off after removing our dinner from it, I put in the bunch of dill on an old baking pan. By the next morning, the residual heat had dried it completely out.

And then I asked my 6 year old if she wanted to "make spices" with me. Turns out that this in fact great fun and not a chore at all.

Drying Herbs
Dill, hand processed by (willing!) child labor and ready for storage

So we did the same thing with the cilantro the next weekend.

Drying Herbs
Cilantro, ready to be popped in the oven

Drying Herbs
Processing in progress

With piles of snow sitting outside the window, it was fun to do this project with supermarket herbs now, and make plans for this summer when we will hopefully be able to harvest our own aromatics from the backyard. And the next weekend we used our new collection to make dip for the super bowl, another great little kid project.

- Victoria, 2015-02-09

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